Neat Freak​/​Forms split

by Neat Freak / Forms

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Records coming in June (ish)
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released December 25, 2014

Neat Freak recorded and engineered by Christian Padrón
Forms recorded and engineered by Terry Caudill

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Tapes coming in March and Records in June
out on Is It Over Yet? For distro inquiries contact




Neat Freak Orlando, Florida

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Track Name: Neat Freak - Scapegoat
Gunshots reveal blood and brains
casualties of foul play.
Streets erupt in panic, alarm the state.
Bribed officials find the killer too late.
Witnesses are rounded up
and told what to say.
I could be brainwashed, on a government watchlist,
sleepwalk to the pawn shop and stock up on firearms,
get caught in the wrong place, memory erased,
they could trace any bullet back to me, wrap me up
in their conspiracy, say I had a history of disobedience.
Who'd believe I was a scapegoat?
No one will know what happened
No one will know who to blame
when their lone gunman dies
Governments rule at gunpoint
we're the hostages.
Track Name: Neat Freak - One Moment
The lines are tapped
there's nothing to hear
we're on either end
to each other breathe
are we falling in love
or have we fallen asleep

Can I have one moment
Give me one moment
It'll just be one moment with you
one moment please

Hung up on you
hung up on me
hung up on reality
Just give me
one moment please
one moment

The lines are dead
can't get a hold of you
our breath is white noise
when we speak it snows

I left you a message
is anyone there
the connection's been severed
or you just don't care

the signal's been traced
your call is bugged
there won't be an answer
it's time to face it
we're out of touch
I can't talk now.
I just need
one moment please
one moment
Track Name: Neat Freak - Pretty
We come out tonight
to wallow in our grave desire.
While the cold world sleeps
we feel like starting a riot.

When we're high
we don't need to fake it.
We're so pretty
when we're wasted.

When I see you falling
I want to be what you're on.
I don't even know you
but I could give you what you want.
You're all I can see,
we don't need to hide what we are.
Track Name: Neat Freak - Ashes Where We Once Lived
I wanted to tell you of our triumphs overseas,
of all the decorations I've received.
But I'm choked by guilt in my dreams.
I can't see the good in anything.

The world in the shadow of the war machine.

I could never tell you what I've become.
I'm afraid I'm not the hero you wish I was.

I miss the front-yard oak; the tire-swing,
dad would wash his hands after he pushed me,
the plastic-wrapped loveseat, the scent
of you drifting in from the kitchen, from the tallest
branch I see a sense of purpose in the sunset.